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Battery motorized trolley for hot pipes handling – capacity 15 t

Morello Company is delivering a battery motorized trolley with 15 ton capacity to an important steel pipes production Company.
This battery transfer cart is designed to handle tubes with temperature up t0 1000° C.
The loading deck is covered with two layers of insulating concrete.
The saddles are covered with the same concrete and a Inconel steel sheet 10 mm thick.


15 t – 6.000 x 1.500 mm

Main features:

Capacity: 15 tons
Speed: 20 m/min with full load
Steering: front axle steering
Battery life: 4 hours of real translation
Battery type: lead -acid
Wheels: rubber
Engines: AC – low voltage

On request: ATEX and IECEx conform (explosion proof for hazardous area)

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