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Atex truck battery powered – Capacity 15 t

Morello Giovanni S.r.l company has recently designed and made a very special battery powered Atex truck following the very strict specifications of the end customer, who will use this truck on an offshore platform.
The first peculiarity of this truck is its extremely compact size (2000 x 1000 mm), a feature that is even more special if you think about the number of wheels it is equipped with: 2 large front wheels, 16 small central wheels and 24 small rear wheels. Such a large number of wheels serves to minimize the specific ground pressure of the fully loaded battery powered Atex truck, with its 15 tons plus tare weight.
In order to stay within these small dimensions, it was not possible to install the battery on board the battery powered Atex truck, which was then mounted on a separate trailer, rigidly connected to the truck, but articulated, so as not to affect the reduced steering radius that characterizes this machine.
The motors, electrical panels, the battery and all the components on board the truck are certified and suitable for operation in Atex classified hazardous environments.
This battery powered Atex truck is also designed to work in a very rigid and complicated environment such as an offshore one. The welding, the painting, the components, the electrical and hydraulic installations and the dense documentation supplied with the machine follow all the very strict specifications of the end customer, which are typical of the Oil & Gas sector.
With this battery powered Atex truck, as well as for all the other machines that the company designs and manufactures, Morello once again highlights its great flexibility in the design of highly customized machines, which derives from an excellent mastery of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and in general their approach, thinking of a machine as a whole, trying not to neglect any aspect, even those that may seem less important.
On request this battery powered Atex truck can also be supplied in an IECEx model or classified according to other international regulations.
Morello also produces IECEx / ATEX trolleys for hazardous environments with different designs and each electric trolley can be customised on request by the customer in each of its details. Here some examples can be seen: IECEx / ATEX trolleys for hazardous environments

15 t – 2.000 x 1.000 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 15 t (up to over 500 tons)
Steering: front axle steering
Power supply: Atex certified gel battery (lead-acid, lithium and others on request)
Traction motors: AC Atex certified
Steering motors: AC Atex certified
Dimensions: 2000 x 1000 mm (other sizes available on request)
Speed: 20 m/min
Battery autonomy: 5 km
Control: pendant push-button
On request: IECEx

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