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AGV cart omnidirectional with lifting deck – Capacity 15 ton

Morello Giovanni Company developed, in his workshop located in Turin, an AGV cart omnidirectional laser guided (LGV), with a lifting loading deck, for an important Company that produce machines to the food & beverage industry.
This AGV is part of a larger project, an automatic warehouse to the storage of large and heavy materials.
The technology allowing this self-propelled trolley to travel in a complete automatic way is the so-called “laser guidance”. In fact, at a 3 meters height approx., there is a special laser that, constantly rotating at an high speed, intercepts some reflectors placed around the plant, allowing to the AGV software to triangulate the AGV cart position and orientation on which the laser itself is mounted.
The software then calculates the optimal route according to the mission provided by the automated warehouse management system (WMS).
The communication between the AGV cart omnidirectional and the AGV management software, installed on a PC on ground, is performed by Wi-Fi technology.
Despite the large dimensions of this automatic trolley and the load it carries, this Morello AGV cart omnidirectional, can move easily within the plant, thanks to its omnidirectional steering technology. All the wheels are independent and the automated cart can therefore steer in a standard way, translate at 90 °, rotate on itself (carousel), move diagonally and rotate around a point (compass).
The AGV is also equipped with a lifting loading deck, with a stroke of 200 mm, in order to lift and deposit the warehouse pallets on suitable supports.
Thanks to its great experience in the field of battery powered trolleys driven by electric motors, Morello has succeeded in obtaining a ± 5 mm positioning accuracy at the loading / unloading stations.
To achieve the maximum efficiency, this AGV cart omnidirectional is powered by an high energy density lithium battery, which is fully automatically recharged in a suitable charging station.
Morello designs customized AGVs, with any guidance technology, any capacity, dimension and integration with customer system. Here you can see some examples: AGVs

15 t – 6.200 x 3.400 mm

Main features:
Capacity: 15 ton (up to over 1.000 tons on request)
Steering: omnidirectional
Lifting loading deck: yes (200 mm lifting stroke)
Power supply: lithium battery (others on request)
Drive motors: AC motors
Steering motors: AC motors
Dimensions: 6.200 x 3.400 mm (other dimensions on request)
Battery life: 4 km
Battery charge: automatic with opportunity charge
AGV technology: laser guidance (LGV)
Communication: Wi-Fi
Command: customer warehouse management system (WMS)
On request: ATEX / IEC Ex conform

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