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A heavy duty carts manufacturer with a global reputation

Morello is a material handling equipment company based in Turin, close to the Alps in north-west Italy, which is currently on a successful expansion curve. The company is a heavy duty carts manufacturer, with a solid history dating back to 1946.

Now in 2020 the business is progressively developing new international markets, consolidating its presence in a broad range of industry sectors and creating new partnerships with top tier multinational corporations.

What has been the driver of Morello’s international success to date?

The company’s progress is due to a series of factors which form the basis of Morello’s client service and attention to detail across multiple heavy industry sectors.

Client Focused Problem Solving

130T nuclear power plant transporter truck sgai

Morello produce s customised material handling equipment for moving heavy loads up to and over 1000 tonnes. As each new project is custom built the initial focus is always on assessing the client’s needs, collecting and analysing client data and together with the client company evaluating the most suitable solution and technology. Morello has a clear and focused approach to problem solving and this pathway is followed with each customer and for each project. The client is involved the whole way through the process in order to propose the right solution to solve the client’s particular heavy load challenge.

Experience of Multiple Heavy Industry Sectors


Morello has experience of working with both large global corporations and smaller sized enterprises across a wide range of sectors. In the energy sector, Morello has produced heavy duty carts for the oil and gas, nuclear and wind energy sectors. Being able to provide ATEX certified trolleys is a big plus in these sectors. Manufacturing industries such as automotive, power generation and the steel industry use Morello material handling equipment to transfer large tools and presses. Process industries such as chemicals are employing Morello motorised carts within their operations. From shipbuilding to defence industries to construction Morello custom built products provide efficient solutions to handling and moving heavy loads.

Each sector has its own specific requirements and Morello applies a detailed analytical approach to assess the needs of the company within their specific industrial environment.

Advanced, Smart Technologies


The custom-made material handling transportation systems designedand built by Morello contain advanced IoT, Industry 4.0 and smart technologies. In the area of power generation Morello provides a range of solutions including lithium batteries, diesel engines, electric engines and more. For electric engine technology longer lasting brushless motors are an available option. Integrated Safety is a critical area and a full range of sensor equipment, navigation and positioning tech, heavy load positioning, and wear and tear checks are built into all solutions. Depending on the project there are multiple steering options to select from all the way up to omni/multi-directional steering for maximum manoeuvrability. Morello has invested in IoT solutions to offer the possibility of Remote Assistance on all trollies and carts. In addition the operational software on all machinery is 100% Morello IP which allows for a more seamless  integration into the clients management software. There are also human-machine interface and control features, smart vision and imaging tech and driverless AGV solutions to mention. The message is clearly that Morello works with the most advanced, fine-tuned smart technology to optimise performance and safety.

Complex Project Management


Morello has highly developed expertise in Complex Project Management. As each client order is a custom-build project it is critical to work with an efficient and reliable project management system. For each client order, to begin with, a project team is set up. This is followed by a series of documents and procedures which guarantee a high level of project quality and control: for example the Project Quality Control Plan, Vendor Data Requirement List Agreement, Master Project Schedule + Critical Path, Welding Book, Project Risk Analysis, FAT & SAT Procedures and much more. The Client Progress Report keeps the client informed of the project’s progress all the way through. Working with Global Corporations means that Morello can respond to the most stringent quality standards and data requirements of the largest multinational companies across all continents.

What you get when you contact Morello!

These are the drivers which have enabled Morello to build a strong international reputation and be a proud supplier to some of the largest industrial corporations around the world.

Ask us for an introduction. We will happily talk you through the Morello Pathway, how we work with the client, Morello Smart Technologies, our Complex Project Management processes and our experience in your specific industry.


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