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Optimizing heavy loads transport

How to Optimize Heavy Load Handling

Precast tunnel lining transporter 60-t

How to lift and move precast concrete

Heavy duty car moving steel coils

How to move heavy metals, steel plate, coil and beams

Oversized load handling machine Morello

Moving Long Heavy Oversized Objects

Illustration of the MORELLO Omnidirectional System

Why the MORELLO Omnidirectional system is so unique

Modular trolleys moving railway carriages

Morello's heavy duty carts Customised Solutions for Industry

Illustration of the 'safety first' text

Morello heavy duty platform carts: Safety First!

Power transformer trasporter

Morello heavy duty platform carts V Air Cushion Solutions


Why Industrial Companies use Morello OMNI heavy duty platform carts

Morello global presence on a worldmap

Morello – A Transport Cart Manufacturer Operating Around The Globe

High-performance platform trailer

Morello – heavy duty carts - Problem Solving in 8 steps

Electric transporter for big bearings 20-t

Why Industrial companies choose to use battery operated carts

130T nuclear power plant transporter truck sgai

A heavy duty carts manufacturer with a global reputation

AVG cart

6 benefits of using Morello AGV carts


Battery powered electric truck – 40 t


Battery powered SPMTs – 25 t